Growing up in a home with a mom who loved (and still does) all things sweet, it’s easy to see how I’ve ended up here.  Mom always had something sweet on the counter and decided to take a cake class so she could save some money and decorate birthday cakes for my brother and me.  Over the next 30 years, she decorated not only our birthday cakes but all sorts of cakes for friends and family.  

Meanwhile, I grew up, went to college, married a wonderful man, moved to Houston, worked in corporate America, and had two beautiful girls of my own.  All the while, I  kept up Mom’s tradition of keeping  something sweet on the counter.   When the  economy went south in 2009,  I found myself 

Shannon Frederick - special thanks to Christie Lacy Photography

with no job and decided to take a cake decorating class to decorate birthday cakes for my girls (notice a trend here).  Friends and family started asking me to decorate cakes for them and I began to realize that something I grew up around was something I could see myself doing for a living.

While I was on my economically driven soul searching adventure, there were wonderful things happening in the Great State of Texas.  One woman and her small but highly influential band of volunteers tirelessly and successfully lobbied the Texas Legislature to pass the Texas Cottage Food Law.  Thanks to Kelley Masters and her group of dedicated home bakers, it became legal to operate a home bakery (click here if you’d like more information on SB81) on September 1, 2011.  

So, now you know a little more about me and how I came to be involved with the wonderful world of cakes and other sweet treats.  I hope you enjoy looking through my Cake Gallery.  If I can make your next event a little sweeter, just let me know!

Vegas Wedding

Vanilla Cake - special thanks to Christie Lacy Photography
Sour Cream Chocolate with Raspberries - special thanks to Christie Lacy Photography