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* How do I order cakes, cookies, or cupcakes? Give me a call or send me an email.

* Is a deposit required to book an order?  A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to reserve a spot on the calendar.

* Do you provide consultations for wedding?  Absolutely!  Consultations are available at a rate of $25/ hour.  Email me or call me for more information.

* Do you make gluten-free, egg-free, or dairy-free products?  At this time, my kitchen is not allergy-free.  Therefore, I cannot guarantee that the product would be free of gluten, egg or dairy products.

​* Where are you located? Are you a retail storefront? I work by appointment only from a private kitchen under the Texas Cottage Laws.  This means that you can't just stop by and pick up a cake.  All orders are custom, made to order.

* Do you offer flavors or fillings other than what is listed on your menu?  The flavors and fillings that are listed are my most popular items.  If you have a particular idea in mind, just ask.  I'll do everything I can to accommodate the request. 

* Do you ship? The Texas Cottage Laws prohibit me from shipping but if you're willing to pay for delivery, I'm willing to travel.

* Do you donate items?  I do love to help out worthy causes; however, I must limit the causes that I support.  You must be a ScrumdilliYum! cakes and more customer before I will donate to your cause (unless your cause is a personal cause of mine as well). I support the folks that support me!

* What are these Texas Cottage Laws you keep referring to?  Since 2011, legislation  exists in Texas that allows at-home bakeries.  Find out more than you ever wanted to know here.